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Craftsman with a japanese sword
Skilled craftsman drawing grid with an fine edge of a samurai sword. Go (also called Weiqi in Chinese, Igo in Japanese, and Baduk in Korean) is one of the oldest games in the world. No game is so elegant in its simplicity and as complex as go. Intellectuals from every era including politicians, generals and academics have been attracted to the game, and now it is enjoyed by over 42 million enthusiasts across the globe.
Go reached Japan from China in 7th century with buddhism, and the Go's view of the universe bears a strong resemblance to that of buddhism. Therefore, Go equipments are serving as a part of philosophical construct, not mere tools for playing a game with. Furthermore, the spirit of japanese craftsmanship dwells in those equipments, which condenses into calm, strong, and never fading beauty.
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