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Store Information
Store Name Hello, TOKYO BOPPER! Company Name TOKYO BOPPER INC.
Store Manager Toru Shimanoe Security Supervisor Toru Shimanoe
Address 4-25-7 Jingumae
TEL +81-3 3497 5528
FAX +81-3 3497 5528
Contact Times/Language Telepone assistance only possible in Japanese. Business hours are from 12:00 to 20:00 in Japan time.
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Important notes about our shoe sizes
  1. Size measurements are different for each model. (A "23cm" for one model may be slightly different to a "23cm" for another model)
  2. Feet shape varies from person to person - our size chart may not apply to everybody.
  3. If you have feet are wider or higher than normal, we suggest you select a size that is larger than what is indicated on our size charts.
  4. We do not have sizes that are not on the size chart.
  5. The customer must bear all expenses required for a size exchange (for unused items only), so please do choose carefully!

* Our sizes are based on slender body types approximately 162cm (5.3 feet) tall.
Prices and Fees
Price of Goods Prices are as displayed on our site.
(The price may change after an item has been placed in your cart. In such cases the final price applied to your order will be the price displayed on the final confirmation screen at the end of the checkout process )
Shipping Please see our Shipping Rates page.
(The price may change after an item has been placed in your cart. In such cases the final price applied to your order will be the price displayed on the final confirmation screen at the end of the checkout process )
(Consumption Tax)
If you are shipping OUTSIDE Japan.
VAT is not included in the price of the order.
Depending on the country and the total price of the order you may be asked to pay VAT before receiving the item. Please note that VAT is to be paid by the customer. For details please consult your local customs agency.

If you are shipping to a destitination within Japan.
A VAT of 8% is added to the item price, shipping and other service charges on your order. (Values are rounded off to the nearest cent)
Other charges to be borne by the customer
  • Depending on the destination country, there may be additional fees such as import duties, VAT and clearance fees charged before you receive your item. These charges (if levied) are to be paid by the customer (in many countries this is easily payable online). For details please see your local customs agency's website.
  • Some delivery agents have charge handling fees depending on the price of the item. These charges are also to be paid by the customer if charged.
    The entity responsible for local delivery depends on the shipping method. For EMS you can see the local operators here.
  • In some countries you will be required to go through customs procedures yourself. In such cases you may be asked to present a copy of your personal identification to the delivery agent.
Other Purchasing Information
Accepted Payment Methods We currently accept Visa, Master, Amex (and sometimes echeck depending on country) through Paypal; and Visa and Master cards through Worldpay
Payment Timing Validity and balance on your credit card will be checked when you place and order. Your credit card will be chard as soon as we verify that all products included in the order are on hand and able to be shipped.
Order Delivery Timing The order delivery date can be approximated by adding the courier's shipping time to the shipping schedule displayed on your order details page.
The shipping time will vary depending on the destination, method of delivery and international traffic conditions.
For EMS you can refer to Japan Post's official estimates but please note that this will also vary depending where each seller ships from.
Purchasing Limits The maximum amount you can purchase per order is US$10,000. However, the maximum amount you can purchase will also depend on your credit limit.
Returns, Refunds and Replacements
Please see Hello, TOKYO BOPPER!'s Returns Policy for details. The following is a summary.
Requesting a Return Find your order on the Order History page and click on "Inquire About this Order". You will be directed to a contact form. Select "Inquire About This Order" again as your subject and let us know of your intent to make a return. This must be done within 7 days of receiving an ordered item (or within 30 days after shipment if the ordered item does not arrive).
Product Return Shipping Charges The customer will be asked to pay shipping on Customer Liable Returns and Illegitimate Returns. However, in case the product has defects or issues, Hello, TOKYO BOPPER! will make a refund within 14 days after receiving the product using Paypal.
Shipping Method for Returns Please use an in insured, trackable and low-cost method of shipping to return the item
Refund Method on Returns

You will be refunded using the method of payment you used when placing the order (either Paypal or credit card).

Interest on Refunds

There will be no interest on amount to be refunded by Hello, TOKYO BOPPER!.

Non-Returnable Items

The following products are not applicable for returns whether it be Customer Liable Returns or Illegitimate Returns.

  • Products marked as "Non-Returnable"(usually but not always with )