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2in1 Breath Tester Bad Odor and Alcohol Detector

Does your breath smell? How drunk are you? Let this device answer.

The 2in1 Breath Tester uses an electro-chemical sensor to detect both alcohol and other chemicals which commonly cause halitosis or "bad breath". Just breath on it to find both your breath alcohol and odor displayed in 6 easy-to-understand levels.

Don't drink and drive! Please note that the levels of alcohol detected does not insure that your blood alcohol level is within any legal limit. Use it as a guide or general indicator but do not assume, for instance, that it's okay to drive because the device indicates a low alcohol level.

Size3.0 x 11.0cm (1.2 x 4.3in)
Weight52 g (1.8 oz)
Weight CommentWeight includes battery
Detection MethodElectro-chemical sensor
Usage Temperature Range0°C to 35°C
Alcohol Level Display0.00-0.5mg/l (6 degrees)
Thickness1.8cm (0.71in)
Detection Time8 seconds warmup
3 seconds to detect
2 seconds to analyze
Batteries2 x AAA (NOT INCLUDED)
ManualJapanese (Simple instructions in English will be included)
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2in1 Breath Tester Bad Odor and Alcohol Detector
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