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Sony MDR-NC600D Noise Canceling Headphones

The proud successor to the revolutionary MDR-NC500D, the first headphone to actively cancel noise digitally.

  • Digital Noise Reduction Technology
    The MDR-NC600D uses digital technology to generate waves that have the exact opossite characteristics to ambient noise. These "anti" waves cancel out ambient sound waves while not interefering with the music itself. This digital-based process enables more effective noise cancellation than is possible using analog filter technology.
  • 99%(*1) Noise Reduction
    *1 Compared ambient inflight noise under noise cancellation mode A and ambient sound without headphones. Total noise reduction of 20dB translates to roughtly 99% noise cancellation. The measurement standards for noise reduction differs between various companies. Some use suppression results based on a single frequency range, but Sony's figures are based on statistical noise reduction attained over the full audible spectrum.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Noise canceling with automatic selection of optimal noise canceling mode based on intelligent analysis of environmental ambient noise.
  • Smart Digital Equalizer
    In many noise canceling headphones, the music you play is also affected by the noise cancelation filter giving a slightly distorted output. Not so with the Sony MD-NC600D. The built in equalizer automatically compensates for any distortion caused by the noise cancellation circuit to recreate what is true to the orignal sound.
  • Design
    Weighing in at only 225 grams the MDR-NC600D offers an extremely comfortable listening experience with pressure relieving urethane cushion in the earpad. Comes with a premium travel case.

Weight225 g (7.9 oz)
Maximum Input100 mW
Weight CommentWeight excludes cord
Sensitivity102dB/mW (When ON. The headphones can't be used when OFF)
Noise Suppression20dB (Approx 99%)
Battery Life15H (with built in fully charged battery) 10H (with 2 fresh AA batteries)
TypeClosed DynamicΩ
Driverø40mm CCAW Voicecoil
PlugGold-plated stereo miniplug (0.5m), Gold-plated L type stereo miniplug (1.5m)
PowerDC1.5V- 2 size AA battery, DC 3.7V -built in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with adapter (Adapter plugs are type A mainly used in the US and Japan)
Output Frequency5Hz-24,000Hz
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Sony MDR-NC600D Noise Canceling Headphones
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