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Audio Bone AB10BL 1.0 (MGD-703/Blue)

Stylish, ergonomically designed and conveniently waterproof stereo headphones that delivers music through bone conduction! No need to cover your ears anymore, making it safer for joggers and bikers who like to enjoy music on the streets. Winner of the 2009 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

This Model (MGD-703) is exactly the same as model "AB10BL" found outside of Japan.(The only difference is that packaging is in Japanese)

  • Waterproof
  • AUDIOBONE AQUA is perfect for sports and outdoor activities because it is washable! If it gets dirty, you can just wash it with water!
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Ultimately the best quality sound among all bone conduction headphones. Experience the new way to enjoy your music with bone conduction headphones.
  • Lightweight - only35g
  • AUDIO BONE AQUA is so light that you feel comfortable wearing it even for long hours.
  • 8 colors available
  • Orange, Black, Blue, Pink, White, Brown, Purple, Green
  • Ergonomically-designed
  • Beautiful streamline, based on human-body engineering, comfortable and untiring to the ears.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities, sports
  • Allowing you to hear surrounding sounds during sports or other outdoor activities. Such as biking and jogging while enjoying your favorite music.

Weight35 g (1.2 oz)
Maximum Input100 mW
Sensitivity88dB/mW (dB1.0dyne)
TypeStereo bone conduction headphone (waterproof)
Normal Input30 mW
Impedance8Ω ±15%
Cord Length1.2m (47.2 in)
Output Frequency50-12,000Hz
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Audio Bone AB10BL 1.0 (MGD-703/Blue)
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