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Traditional Handmade Metal Cup (Medium White)

Great things mature with age.

This traditionally crafted cup has is suprisingly warm to the touch despite its impressive all-metal exterior. Has good heat retentions making it perfect for cold beers or warm sake.

Copper and tin have been have been valued for centuries for both its excellent heat retention and its thermal conductivity. Tin exhibits metal ionic effects on certain liquids and is said to add mellowness to liquor. Old Chinese scriptures on medicine even recommend dropping tin nuggets into wells to purify the water therein. For these unique properties tin has been the mateiral of choice for chalices used in the emperial court.
Whether you are into ice-cold beer or warm sake this chalice will surely bring out the best in your drink.
Washing and maintenance is easy - just use warm water or neutral detergent and wipe with a dry cloth. The exterior will mature with each passing season but if you choose you can restore its original splendor by using fine abraisive liquids (or even toothpaste).

Being virtually indestructable this treasure will serve generations.

Please note that each one hand crafted and has a unique character of its own.

Size9.5cm (3.7in)
Weight150 g (5.3 oz)
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Traditional Handmade Metal Cup (Medium White)
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