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Takezo Kensei Replica Katana

The replica of the fine blade beloved by Takezo Kensei- the legendary swordsman, later zen monk and author of the Book of Five Rings who was undefeated in more than sixty duels.

The design has a stoicness to it much like the man Musashi himself. You can appreciate the beauty of this simple blade that was made purely to be practical.

The katana has a traditional construction complete with menuki (decorative grip), habaki (blade collar and scabbard wedge), fuchi and kashira (handle collar and cap). However, unlike a real katana blade which is forged by beating and folding steel upto a thousand times, this blade is fabricated out of alloyed metal and has been blunted for safety. 
The authentic structure of the sword enables it to be taken apart completely (much like field-stripping a rifle) although we advise you not to do this unless you are trained in assembly and know what you are doing.

All in all a very satisfactory replica of an exceptional sword.
(Swordstand not included)

Important Warning
This is an imitation sword without a cutting edge. That is to say, the blade is made deliberately blunt. However, the purchase and possession of such swords may be banned in some countries such as the UK. (In UK the ban will be effective in April 2008)
It is your responsibility to insure that it is legal to purchase an imitation sword. We will not compensate for any orders confiscated by customs.

Size105.0cm (41.4in)
Weight1.15 kg (2.5 lbs)
Blade Length73cm
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Takezo Kensei Replica Katana
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