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Countries we ship to

We ship all around the world to over 120 countries and regions.
* Please note that the exact countries/regions we can ship to depend on each product's shipping method.

Navigating the product page

Steps from placing your order to delivery

  1. Place the item(s) you want in your cart, checkout and complete the order.

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    Payment Method

    We currently accept Visa, Master, Amex (and sometimes echeck depending on country) through Paypal; and Visa and Master cards through Worldpay

  2. Once the order information reaches you will receive a message titled "Order Placement (Automated Message). Please do make sure that the details of your order are correct at this time.
  3. The seller will confirm the order and send an "Order Acceptance Notice" via email.
  4. Usually, the Seller will ship out within the limits of the shipping schedule defined in the order. Once the order is shipped you will receive an "Order Shipment Notice".
    If the shipping method is one that is trackable the email will include a tracking number so you'll be able to find out the status of the order.
    The number of days it takes to reach you after shipping out will differ depending on the shipping method, traffic conditions and on the speed of customs clearance. Sellers, therefore, do not guarantee delivery dates, but you can get approximate standard delivery times from the following links.

  5. Product is delivered. Once the product arrives you'll be able to write a review from the Order History page in Your Account. If you like what you got or are satisfied with the seller's service we'd really appreciate your feedback!