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Hyuga Kaya

Hyuga Kaya wood

Giant "Hyuga Kaya"
Over 300 years old class tree had been cut off for a floor go board but now have been designated as a protected species. The stock of material wood is also getting more scarce rapidly now.

Hyuga kaya is wood mainly grown in east-southern mountanious area of Kyushu island in Miyazaki pref. Japan. Its climate slows kaya's growing speed and make their grain high-density and very beautiful for many many years. In Japan Hyuga kaya is recognized as the king of wood for go boards from ancinet to present. The superiority is not only its beauty but also playability. Kishies (professional players) might know the best about the fact of it because they hit stones so many times for so long time everyday. They often say that Hyuga kaya gets rid of bad infuluences to their arms. Especially its prominent elaticity absorbs the impact, brings good sound and taste of hitting stones.

Features of a Hyuga Kaya board

  • Beautiful grain
  • Hyuga Kaya wood have highest density and uniformity of grain. The environment of Hyuga area grow tress slowly and most beautifully.

  • Color and brightness
  • Hyuga Kaya wood have best color and brightness. Wood for go boards is required to have not only good appearance but also playability. Hyuga Kaya have both.

  • Taste and sound
  • Hyuga Kaya wood have right solidness. Because they contain the right amout of oil for go boards. The taste (feel) and sound when hitting a stone are so sweet.

  • fragrance
  • Hyuga Kaya wood have original aroma. You can more concentrate on games by the agreeable smell.

  • durability
  • Hyuga Kaya wood have high durability. The right amout of oil is helping to increase the life of go boards. With long term using, it's gradually changing lustrou amber color and getting more and more stately. Even if cracked, you can close up by plugging wax in the crack. (wax homogenize into the wood).