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Audio Bone - Stylish and Sporty Bone Conduction Headphones

Every worry about your kids jogging, biking, skating all over the bustling streets with their iPods in their ears? Not being able to listen to the traffic around you can be pretty dangerous. Well, the Audio Bone bone conduction headphone allows you to hear ambient sound and enjoy your music at the same time. Why? Because it doesn't block your ears.

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Doesn't hurt your ears even after prolonged use. It's also a lot easier and less hazardous for your ears because they don't hurt your eardrums. Allows you to be aware of your surroundings and still enjoy your music. It's the safer solution for joggers, bikers and anybody who uses their iPods outdoors. The Audio Bone is water proof! Perfect for motivating youself while doing those laps in the pool. You just need to get a waterproof housing for your MP3 player.
Bone conduction earphones work by tranmitting sound waves through the cranial bones to your inner ear. The mechanism is exactly the same as what happens when you hear the loud crunching when you chew on a mouthfull of cereals. It produces clear sound even when you're surrounded by noise. And it's completely safe. In fact, it's a lot safer on your ears since even large volume sound doesn't hurt your ear eardrums.