Delivering Japanese products to the world, direct from Japan!

About - We ship those awesome 
but hard-to-find products straight from Japan

All of us at live to bring a piece of the "real Japan" to your doorstep.
From traditional articles that have been in use for ages to the latest items trending in Japan; from your favorite anime character goods to weird but cutting-edge products of Japanese subculture - we try to bring you a selection of stuff that are not easily found outside of the country.

We simply love it when customers tell us how friends, relatives and passers by look at the products they got here and ask "Gosh, where on Earth did you get that?!"

If we've helped you discover something rare and cool here we consider or mission accomplished!

But we won't stop there. We'll keep finding more Japanese sellers who'd similarly like to reach out to the world. We want to be a marketplace where you can experience Japan as if you were visiting it yourself!

So why not add a little bit of Japanese spice to your lifestyle. You just might discover something that wasn't there before.

About "Japanese products" sold on
We consider "Japanese products" to be anything that is Made in Japan; anything intended for the Japanese market and widely available in Japan; or any product bearing a Japanese brand.

The Company

Company Co., Ltd.
Address1-36-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
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The People Behind It

CEO: Shinya Matsuoka

After graduating from the department of science and engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Shinya joined Deloitte Thomatsu Consulting (currently Abeam Consulting) where he managed and led countless projects in manufacturing, supply-chain management and process redisign. He left Deloitte in 2004 to start his own consulting firm Hillpine Consulting and is the CEO to this day. In 2008 he followed his passion for pop Japanese products and founded He is fanatical about Japanese manga and likes to meditate on new products to offer on Jzool while doing yoga poses.

COO: Masato Ikeda

A graduate of Princeton University. Worked as the head mission officer for a non-governmental organization providing medical aid to refugees during and after the Kosovo crisis in '99. He joined Deloitte Thomatsu Consulting in 2001 and took part in various international projects as an expert on manufacturing and supply-chain management. After leaving Deloitte in 2005 Masato co-founded the online language learning site Cafetalk. Also sharing the desire to disseminate the cooler aspects of Japanese culture and its products he co-founded in 2008. He currently enjoys aimlessly biking around Tokyo.