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Toyooka Bag-red color-

Toyooka is a city with tradition in bags more than 1,000 years, and having willow crafts as the origin, which was born in Nara Period (A.D. 710–794)

Bags made in Toyooka-City can be called as “Made in Toyooka” or ”Made in Japan”, however, even the bags produced in Toyooka-City, only the products, which was approved and certified by Hyogo Bag Industry Associations can be called as “Toyooka Bag”.

“Salix koriyanagi” is the material. Made by both of traditional matured craftsmanship and modern equipment and quality control system.

This material (Salix koriyanagi) has its characteristics to be in light-brown color year by year.
Size28.0 x 21.0 x 14.0cm (11.0 x 8.3 x 5.5in)
Weight500 g (1.1 lbs)
product nameToyooka Bag-red color-
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Toyooka Bag-red color-
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