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TOKYO BOPPER No.11140/Black Multi-dot Rucksack

Introducing new 'pochette' and 'backpack' from TOKYO BOPPER♪

The outrageous backpack by which various dots are opened in a three-dimensional frill !

They are firm square finishing, also have a graceful and playful mind. 
They are functional and fashionable enough to make you satisfied. 
The gusset is relatively wide, 8 centimeters. 
There is enough space for storage. Even the day you go out with a lot of baggage is also smart by hand free! 
The belt is the original buckle with weak gloss and the length is adjustable.
You can carry it in all seasons and all coordinates.

*Please cross the belts at the top of the bag when the belts slips off your shoulder.

There is one big pocket without gusset inside of them.
"I'd like to put anything in what I'd like to take it out immediately." or
"I'd like to go out with a backpack whether a day of one T-shirt or a day of a coat.”, 
This will satisfy your such requirements.

The front side is matte texture with surface change. 
A high-class feeling and mode feeling promote your fashion nice.

Even if it uses every day, weariness does not come!
It does not choose any style !
It was waiting for such an exactly good bag like those! 
Why don’t you try new bags from TOKYO BOPPER !

Size31.5 x 36.0 x 8.0cm (12.4 x 14.2 x 3.2in)
Weight600 g (1.3 lbs)
The body sizeWidth/31.5cm × Height/36cm × A gusset/8cm
The maximum length of a belt83cm
The minimum length of a belt65cm
The size of the inside pocketWidth 24cm x Height 14cm
The front materialArtificial leather
The back materialArtificial leather
※Unlike a synthetic leather, this material is good for the durability.
Manufacturing CountryJapan
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TOKYO BOPPER No.11140/Black Multi-dot Rucksack
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Product Feedback
The ship is very fast~~~ Review by hoi yan From
Nov 2016 When i take the order next day want to correct, it ship already...
The ship is very fast and the staff reply is quick and friendly
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