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SOLADEY-3 Ionic Toothbrush Normal (Orange)

Don't let looks fool you. This is no ordinary toothbrush! A close inspection of the SOLADEY - which name originates from the words 'Solar' and 'Dental' - will reveal a titanium rod running through the stem. Titanium has the unusual but useful abilty to generate negative ions when exposed to light and water, which in turn break down plaque and kill harmful bacteria that dwell in your mouth and cause tooth decay. Such photoelectric properties of titanium have been applied in the industrial filtration and purification for dacades (and our line of Titanium cups have anti-bacterial properties that work on the same principal). Negative ions produced by SOLADAY siginificantly reduces the number of bacteria like Streptococcus Mutans - the primary culprit responsible for tooth decay) and also breaks down the lactic acid produced by the bacteria which eventually eats into the enamel covering your teeth. It also breaks down plaque and other stains made by tabacco as well. The effects of SOLADEY have been measured and proven in labolatory tests, and there are millions of users in Japan who benefit from them every day. Now the newly developed SOLADEY-3 tops its successful predecessors with the addition of a built-in soloar panel and semi-conductor device which enhances the negative ion generating capabilities of the titanium rod. The bristles are replaceable so the stem can be reused indefinitely. A true innovation in dental care!

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SOLADEY-3 Ionic Toothbrush Normal (Orange)
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