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Koi Amidst Surf - Tenugui (Japanese Multipurpose Hand Towel) - Indigo

The Japanese carp, a symbol of strength because of its ability to climb waterfalls.

The Tenugui is piece of dyed cotton cloth widely used in the daily lives of Japanese. It's simplicity makes it very versatile. One can use it as a hand towel or handkerchief. Many Tenugui employ beautiful patterns vivid colors making them also useful as a piece of interior decoration to spice up the room. Hang it from the wall, or drape on your coffee table for a nice oriental effect. Or as many Japanese do, use it to wrap a gift for that special someone. It's a great fusion of aesthetics and practicality.

Each Tenugui is dyed using the traditional "pour dye" that has existed for 200 years since the Edo era. They do tend to fade over time, but these"pour dyed" hand cloths have a special beauty which comes out as they get softer with each washing.

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Size33.0 x 90.0cm (13.0 x 35.5in)
NoteThe Tenugui doesn't have the texture of a Western towel but feels more like a cotton sheet.
Manufactured InJapan
Washing InstructionsDo not bleach.
Separate from other clothing when washing for the first few times.
Do not dry in direct sunlight.
Material100% Cotton
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Koi Amidst Surf - Tenugui (Japanese Multipurpose Hand Towel) - Indigo
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