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Titanium Tie Pin - Samurai Insignias Blue (L)

Features the kanji character "愛" which adorned the battle helmet of Naoe Kanetsugu a battle hardened feudal lord and advisor to the once powerful Uesugi Clan. Kanetsugu was very much respected both by his peers as well as his enemies and is considered to be one of the heroic characters in Japanese history. The character by itself symbolizes "love" in Japanese. It is not clear why Kanetsugu was attached to this particular word, but it is thought to have a dual purpose: One to remind him of the virtues of selfless love and compassion and the other to receive protection from Ragaraja (or 愛染明王 in Japanese) - a buddhist deity and god of war.

Each tie-pin is made of pure titanium - very light, strong, corrosion-resistant and non-allergenic material selectively used for high-tech mission critical products. A great item for student's of Japanese history and a welcome gift for Father's Day!

(Available in silver, gold and blue colors and three sizes)

This item may take approximately one week to ship out.

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Titanium Tie Pin - Samurai Insignias Blue (L)
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