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HANDSON Paper Craft Stand Kit (Brown)

Please note this product must be bought with another HANDSON paper craft musical instrument. Must order three or more if you're going to order the stand only. (The 3 can comprise of any color combination)

We have created a stand for the musical instruments in our kits. The design is derived form the stands made for an electric guitar. It is designed mainly for our stringed instruments and the hight of the stand is adjustable. The kit contains few parts and is easy to assemble.

"PePaKuRa" Concept

Eager to create more opportunities for people to freely enjoy the arts, HANDSON run our own musical performance projects in addition to planning, developing and promoting educational tools.
Japan has a strong culture of artistry based around paper, as represented by the well-known art of origami. HANDSON wanted to develop products which would allow more people to experience and engage with these art forms.
HANDSON's PePaKuRa paper modeling kit allows users to recreate the functional and structural beauty of musical instruments using only paper. In order to faithfully reproduce the kinds of elegant detail found on the original instruments, the PePaKuRa kits were developed by merging skilled design with the perspectives of the professionals involved HANDSON's musical performance projects.
Each part is laser-cut and instructions are in language-free illustration. The kits are easy to put together but will require some patience and skill on your part!
The final"product" may be displayed as a interior figure.


Works nicely with guitars and violins.

Adustable shaft.

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Number Of Parts12 Laser pre-cut pieces
InstructionsLanguage free illustrated instructions included. For more info see our How To for the violin.
Approx Max Length233mm (9.17in)
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HANDSON Paper Craft Stand Kit (Brown)
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