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1/58 REALDRIVE nano - Hummer H2 (Black)

A fun, tough radio controlled Hummer that fits on the palm of your hand.

This little machine is built to go the less beaten path. It's got long stroke suspensions that allows it to easily overcome small obstacles, and even has a "turbo" function that gives it enough torque to climb inclines of up to 40 degrees!

  • Forward
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Turbo

Comes with a set of off-road obstacles.

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Size8.5cm (3.3in)
BatteriesController - 2 x LR44
Car - 3 x LR44
(Test batteries included)
Target Age6 and above
Continuous Operating Time15 minutes
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1/58 REALDRIVE nano - Hummer H2 (Black)
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