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Titanium Shot Glass (Fan)

A simple yet stylish luxury shot glass. Perfect for sharing a quiet drink amongst valued company. The rim is designed for smooth contact with your lips, and the aesthetics, the feel and the comfortable weight of Titanium makes this cup a true pleasure to drink from. Would make a great addition to your liquor cabinet or a welcome gift item.

The material is all-titanium, a strong and light high-tech metal with some great properties that make it perfect for serving drinks in. Titanium does not rust, has no odor or taste so you won't have any unwanted contaminants interfering with the great flavor of your drink, nor will you experience that uncomfortable metalic taste upon contact with your tongue. It's also safe to use for people who are allergic to metals. In addition the oxidized titanium coating on the surface acts as a catalyst to break down organic matter including bacteria when exposed to light making the cup more hygienic than made of other meterials.

Comes with a chic black gift box.

Size5.2cm (2.0in)
Weight38 g (1.3 oz)
A Note On ColorThe color on Titanium items may appear slightly different from the photo depending on lighting conditions.
Thickness0.2cm (0.08in)
Maximum Diameter4.6cm (1.81in)
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Titanium Shot Glass  (Fan)
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