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TEAC HP-F200 Filltune HiFi Bone Conducting Headphones

Another great pair of bone conduction headphones from leading Japanese audio brand TEAC. Enjoy high quality music while still being able to "listen" to ambient sound. The amplifier is much powerful offering better sound quality. Featuring a long battery playback time of up to 8-hours. The battery is rechargeable supported by the AC adapter. TEAC's HP-F200 is light weight and comfortable. A great solution if you don't want to damage your eardrums with loud music.

Comes with a compact amplifier to achieve better sound quality.

Maximum Input10mW
Battery LifeApprox 8 Hours
Headphone Weight130g (4.55oz - exluding cord)
Cord Length150cm (59.1in)
Output Frequency20Hz-20kHz
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TEAC HP-F200 Filltune HiFi Bone Conducting Headphones
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