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v-moda - Vibe V2 (Flash Chrome)

Undeniable stylish and futuristic earphones for the techy music lover. The 9mm rare earth neodium magnet driver achieves an elastic, clear high frequencies and a deep bass. The great thing about these earphones is that it has a microphone and switch on the cable that enables hands-free communication when used with an iPone!

Comes with a convenient "modawrap" cord winder to prevent tangling, different colored ear buds and a pouch.

Weight12 g (0.4 oz)
Maximum Input5mW
Weight CommentWeight excludes cord
DriverøNeodium Rare Earth Magnet 9mm
Plug24K Gold Plated 3.5mmφ Stereo
Accessoriesmodawrap cable winder, clear silicone earbuds, black silicone earbuds and pouch
Cord Length1.1cm (0.4in)
Output Frequency12Hz-22kHz
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v-moda - Vibe V2 (Flash Chrome)
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