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Sega Homestar PRO - Metalic Silver

The Sega Homestar Pro is a home planetarium system that turns your living room ceiling into a dazzling spectacle. Marvel at the beauty of the milky way as you've never seen before. It does wonders for generating a romantic atmosphere and it's also great when you just want to wind down and relax. Even shows the occasional "shooting star" so you can make a wish!

The truly amazing discs are the work of engineer and designer Takayuki Ohira who has won numerous awards for his work in planetarium software design. Also includes a detailed and hauntingly beautiful star disc of the Moon by artist Kagaya.

If you live in a region where the voltage is not 100V you should purchase a convenient worldwide transformer also available on Jzool.

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Plug TypeA
Projection Range2-2.3m to a maximum diameter of 2.7m
Star DiscsIncludes 2 color stardiscs plus an illustration disc of the moon by artist Kagaya.
Projection ResolutionUp to 60,000 starts
Accessories100V AC Adapter, Simplified English Instruction Guide
Optics6 lens configuration with improved focus and clarity
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Sega Homestar PRO  - Metalic Silver
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