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Sega Homestar Extra

Recreate the splendor of the heavens in your restaurant, shop or home with the all new Homestar professional grade planetarium from SEGA TOYS.

Homestar Extra is probably the most advanced home planetarium system currently available, boasting an ability to project an amazing 120,000 stars to realistic detail. It's also five times as bright as its predecessor models. This enables use in even dim lit environments (as opposed to complete darkness) making it ideal for commercial users - if you own a restaurant or a shop you can use the Homestar EXTRA to dazzle your customers with a truly impressive spectacle.

The Homestar EXTRA comes with three star discs capable of projecting stars near the Orion Constellation with astounding beauty, depth and realism. The truly amazing discs are the work of engineer and designer Takayuki Ohira who has won numerous awards for his work in planetarium software design.

This product works on AC current between 100 to 240V.

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Plug TypeA
Size24.0 x 28.2 x 24.6cm (9.5 x 11.1 x 9.7in)
DocumentationSimplified English Help File
Projection Range2-2.3m to a maximum diameter of 3m
Star DiscsIncludes 3 - monochromatic, monochromatic with constellation lines, and color CG astro-art (these discs are high resolution and not compatible with other Homestar products)
Projection ResolutionUp to 120,000 starts
Accessories100V AC Adapter, Remote Controls (Uses 2 x AAA batteries sold seperately)
Light Source14W high luminescence LED
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Sega Homestar Extra
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