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Panasonic RP-HC30-W

Noise cancelling earphones designed to reduce the noise of vehicle and air conditioner etc. (Reduces 75% noise)
Reduces continuous low frequency noise eminating from sources such from airplanes, trains, buses and air conditioners. You'll be able to enjoy your music without turning up the volume to extreme levels. (NOISE CANCELLING is a mechanism by which ambient noise is picked by microphones and an exact opposite sound wave is generated to cancel it out.

・High quality sound acheived using a high magnetic force neodymium magnet.
・Airtight inner phone design.
・Handy "monitoring" function you can activate with a push of the button that enables you to hear the surrounding sound through your earphones.
・Volume adjustable via controller.

Weight25 g (0.9 oz)
Maximum Input50mW
Noise Cancellation Level12dB
Weight CommentWeight excludes cord & battery
Sensitivity91.5dB/mW(OPR ON), 89.5dB/mW(OPR OFF)
Battery LifeApprox 27Hrs (manganese dioxide LR03 Battery)Approx 54Hrs (alkaline LR03 Battery)
TypeClosed Dynamic
Plugφ24Gold-plated stereo plug
PowerDC1.5V AAA Alkaline x 1
AccessoriesAAA LR03 Battery,in-flight adapter, Earpieces,carrying case
Cord Length0.7m + 0.7m
Output Frequency8-22,000Hz
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Panasonic RP-HC30-W
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