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Totes Titanium Rainforce Folding Umbrella (Silver SV21282)

Stylish and functional folding umbrella that not only opens but closes automatically at the touch of a button. Opens to 100cm in size - great for people with large frames or those carrying sholder bags. Makes shopping on rainy days a whole lot easier!

Its compact size allows easy storage even in the driver's side of the vehicle. You don't have to fumble around and drip on everything while trying to put your umbrella away.

Surface is teflon coated so water runs off easily enabling you to store it right away.
  • Auto open and close
  • Strong, durable titanium frame
  • UV protective coating
  • Dupont Teflon waterproof coating
  • Large 100cm diamter great for big guys
  • Stylish translucent packaging makes it a perfect gift item
  • Wide belt makes it easy to wrap and stow
Material100% polyester
(nonstick & shield against UVB )
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Totes Titanium Rainforce Folding Umbrella (Silver SV21282)
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