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Audio-Technica ATH-EM9D

Light-weight ear-fitting headphones with newly developed Aluminum alloy housing designed to offer both style and powerful sound

Offers a clear, translucent trebleSlightly different feel from traditional open-ear and open overhead types. Good, solid bass - you wouldn't believe they were coming from an open-air earphone.
Stylish and light-weight Aluminum allow housing.
Newly developed metal earhanger for quick and easy attachment.
Sliding mechanism allows a comfortable fit. Neodymium magnet φ28mm driver generates solid powerful sound. 0.6m cord perfect plugging into the remote on portable listening devices.
Weight33 g (1.2 oz)
Maximum Input100 mW
Weight CommentWeight excludes cord
Sensitivity100 dB/1mW
Driverø28mm neødymium magnets
Plugφ3.5Gold-plated stereo plug
Accessories1.0m extension cord. Convenient zippered carrying pouch.
Cord Length0.6m (U Shaped)
Output Frequency14Hz-24,000Hz
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Audio-Technica   ATH-EM9D
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