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The furoshiki is a traditional Japanese carrying cloth that can be fashioned into a versatile bag with a quick tie of a knot. Frequently used to carry gifts to friends, the wrapping of things in a furoshiki also shows our feelings of gratitude to the other person.

Irrespective of the size and shape of an object, the furoshiki can wrap it with ease. When you don't need it you can conveniently fold it and stow it away. Light and versatile, the furoshiki is being reexamined as an eco-friendly alternative to shopping bags.

The MOTTAINAI selection brings to you a new fashionable selection of furoshiki while keeping the good traditional characteristics in tact.

Fabric is made of recycled PET bottles in consideration for our environment, and 390 Yen from each purchase will be donated to the Greenbelt Movement to aid in their reforestation activities (Hence the "thank you")
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