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Sci-Fi REVOLTECH 3-Item Alien Hive Set

A great set for those who want to recreate the alien hive in your room! Includes the Queen, a Warrior and the Xenomorph (alien).

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Set Includes

About Kaiyodo and Tokusatsu (Sci-Fi) Revoltech

Kaiyodo is a leading creator of figures and garage kits in Japan. When these guys create something they do not kid around! The have a fanatical devotion to the characters they create and it really shows in the quality of their products.
Revoltech is the name of a joint technology they employ in several of their lines. As the name suggests it utilizes a unique system of revolving joints which give the figure true-to-life mobility and posability. The "Tokusatsu" series (which means Visual Special Effects in Japanese) brings to life a wide range of unforgettable monsters from the golden age of sci-fi.
Seller's Comments
Please note that the items in this set do not have the publisher's "book flap" that is found on the off-the-shelf version of the products. (The revoltech series is usually sold in book stores in Japan hence have a book flap) The book flap is just a strip of paper that covers a small portion of the outside of the box (usually containing a collection of advertisements from the publisher) and is not technically part of the product but some serious collectors place value on it.
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Sci-Fi REVOLTECH 3-Item Alien Hive Set
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