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Combi Wellflat WideW JZ-500 (Black)

A light and fashionable baby stroller with all the functions a mother could need!


  • Wide and spacious design
  • Two way positioning
    You can either have your child face you or away from you
  • Lightweight structure
  • Big sun shades
    Keeps your baby cool and protected from the elements
  • Compact tri-fold design
  • 170° Full reclining seat
    Allows a completely horizontal optimum sleeping posture
  • Dry and comfortable
    Uses moisture abosorbing and fast drying material for maximum comfort

Weight4.9 kg (10.8 lbs)
Mfg Warranty1Yr (Only effective in Japan)
Open DimensionsW50.5 x D75-77.5 x H101cm (W19.9 x D29.5-30.5 x H39.8in)
Folded DimensionsW50.5 x D75-77.5 x H101cm (W19.9 x D29.5-30.5 x H39.8in)
Reclining Angle130°-170°
SafetySG (New Standard Safety Goods) certified by the Consumer Product Safety Association in Japan
Target Age1-24 Months
Maximum Load15kg (33.1lbs)
ManualJapanese (with illustrations)
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Combi Wellflat WideW JZ-500 (Black)
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