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TOKYO BOPPER No.11170/White flower tote bag

The new Tote bag of TOKYO BOPPER which is fashionable and easy to use is released !

A lovely flower motif layered over and over again tickle women's  instinct♪
Matte black bag which is not too sweet isn't choose any style !
Showy and subtle. So you can not do anything without this bag.
The longer handle is enough length even if you wear a jacket.
It is the user-friendly size, in consideration of women’s fashion balance.

Inside, it arranges a large and small pocket on forward and backward.
In the bag which tends to become disorderly, it also has delightful functionality.

The front side is mat texture with surface change.
A high-class feeling and mode feeling promote your fashion nice.

Even if it uses every day, weariness does not come! It does not chose any style ! It was waiting for such an exactly good bag!
Why don’t you try original bag of TOKYO BOPPER !
Weight650 g (1.4 lbs)
MaterialSynthetic leather
Manufacturing CountryJapan
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TOKYO BOPPER No.11170/White flower tote bag
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