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BELLY BUTTON No.281 / Gray pad-toungh shoes

The round pouch tongue shoes of presence plenty of thick pad!
The plump tongue, looks like round pouch is most cute point of this shoes.
It is so exciting to just walk with this shoes.

The sole is made using BELLY BUTTON’s original hard sponge.
That is durable, lightweight comfort of sneakers feeling supple flexibility!
Thick insole will show a knee long and it will get more comfortable to wear!

The upper material is cowhide leather nubuck matte and flexible high-tech material combination.
It is soft material which fit in your feet comfortably!
Please enjoy the new pad tongue shoes which does not choose any style!

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BELLY BUTTON × 22.5cm 23cm 23.5cm 24cm
Standard Japanese size 22.5cm 23~23.5cm 24cm 24.5cm 25cm
U K 5 6
U S A 6 7 8
E U 35 36~37 38 39 40

Weight900 g (2.0 lbs)
Toe Thickness1cm (0.39in)
Heel Thickness2cm (0.78in)
Height from the heel 10cm (4in)
Upper MaterialCowhide, synthetic leather (for Pad)
Sole MaterialHard sponge
Manufacturing CountryJapan
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BELLY BUTTON No.281 / Gray pad-toungh shoes
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