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KING JIM Touch Panel Roller Cleaner "iCOLOCOLO" Pink

The iCOLOCOLO allows you to powerfully clean any touch-panel surface just by rolling on them.

Ever find that wiping those oily fingerprints and stains on your touch panel just spreads out the grime? The iCOLOCOLO doesn't wipe but REMOVES grime altogether so it leaves your device squeaky clean!

  • Not usable for surfaces covered with protective film.

  • The roll of sticky tape has about twelve layers with each layer having about 40 uses(may differ depending on usage frequency and environment)

  • Please do not use in ways other than intended.

  • Remove any hard dirt from the surface before cleaning to avoid scratching and damage.

  • Use on the touch-panel surface only - usage on other parts may remove paintwork.

  • Use only on touch-panel surfaces on tablet and smartphone devices. Usage on normal LCD panels may result in damage.

  • Please turn off power on device before cleaning.

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Size9.6 x 15.2 x 3.2cm (3.8 x 6.0 x 1.3in)
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Touch Panel Cleaner, iCOLOCOLO
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