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The world's smallest! Toy movies camera CHOBi CAM Pro3 with Night Vision

This is a Toy movies camera which can photograph a full HD animation with the small size of W45xD17xH28mm.

Photography of a 4,032x3,024-dot still picture is also possible. In the size included in a pocket, it is easy to take out quickly and does not miss the chance of photography in case of emergency, either.

Moreover, it corresponds also to the photography at night by the infrared rays which can be photoed also in darkness.

It can use also for the ecology photography in the night of an animal, and a use which leaves growth record making the interior of a room dark without waking up a baby.

The time of an animation which can be photoed is about 45 minutes (it is about 36 minutes at the time of infrared use), and is divided into one file every 5 minutes.
A memory media is a microSDHC card (4-32 GB).
A power supply is a built-in battery charger, and charges by USB.
The time required of charge is about 160 minutes.

・Accessories :strap, USB cable, Japanese manual
・Main part weight :41g
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