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We think even H. R. Giger would be proud of this beast. The terrifying but beautiful xenomorph from Aliens is recreated to stunning detail by the guys at Kayodo.
The phenomenal paint job applied on the deftly chosen semi-translucent plastic create a look that's so true to what we've seen in the movies. It's absolutely unbelievable! There are 13 revolver joints employed throughout the figure making it quite posable. It also includes an alien egg and the "Face Hugger" creature which is quite grotesque due to the level of detail. Kudos to the Kaiyodo team for pulling this one off!Also check out the the Alien Warrior model.

About Kaiyodo and Tokusatsu (Sci-Fi) Revoltech

Kaiyodo is a leading creator of figures and garage kits in Japan. When these guys create something they do not kid around! The have a fanatical devotion to the characters they create and it really shows in the quality of their products.
Revoltech is the name of a joint technology they employ in several of their lines. As the name suggests it utilizes a unique system of revolving joints which give the figure true-to-life mobility and posability. The "Tokusatsu" series (which means Visual Special Effects in Japanese) brings to life a wide range of sci-fi characters such as Batman , Jack from a Nightmare Before Christmas and the iconic the Alien Xenomorph.

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Size15.0cm (5.9in)
Movable Sections15
AccessoriesFace Hugger, Egg, nameplate and display stand
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