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MOBIO Swordfish Hanging Mobile (Black/Gray)

Cool and majestic. Undeniably our most popular mobile.

MOBIO brings to you a line of stylish and modern hanging mobiles to turn your room into a relaxing aquarium. Each MOBIO hanging mobile is a high-grade metal art, hand-made with precision cut aluminium and designed to move smoothly with even the slightest breeze or air current. The slow, elegant motions of the MOBIO is truly relaxing to watch and would make a great addition to any home or office. The slight tingling sounds created when the pieces ever-so-sligtly rub against eachother are also quite soothing. Each MOBIO hanging mobile comes in an attractive silver package making it great for gifts as well! Notes: Hangs with a fishing line. Does not include ceiling attachment hooks, so you should find an appropriate support to tie the line to.

Size76.0 x 24.0cm (29.9 x 9.5in)
Weight98 g (3.4 oz)
WarningMOBIO Hanging Mobiles are quite delicate. Handle with care and avoid hanging in the outdoors.
Manufactured InJapan (Hand Crafted)
Thickness0.04cm (0.02in)
AccessoriesApprox 80cm(31in) No.3 fishing line with S hook on the mobile end (no hooks on the ceiling end)
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MOBIO Swordfish Hanging Mobile (Black/Gray)
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