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MIHARU Home Care Camera (Oral Camera)

For the health fanatics and the anatomically curious folks out there (and we know there are many) we bring you the MIHARU Home Care Camera - a great device for those who want to take a closer peek into your mouth or any other orifice you care to look into. The MIHARU Home Care Camera is easy to use. Just pop in four AAA batteries, attach the disposable camera cover (unless you're okay with, god forbid, all that saliva on your cool device), plug it into your TV and voila! All your curiosity will be revealed in full color. It comes with a lens attachemnt which when used can give you enough magnification to make out individual hair follicles. This might be good for the beauty conscious because you can check the condition of your skin like never before. Another great feature of the camera is that it comes with two internal light sources - a high luminescece white-light LED and a Ultra-Violet wavelength LED which makes plaque glow when used in your mouth! If you like to use ear picks you'll love the "mimikaki" attachment that allows you to clean your ears while watching the entire process on TV.

We also offer sanitary replacement covers in case you run out.

Size3.0 x 21.7cm (1.2 x 8.5in)
Weight180 g (6.3 oz)
Weight CommentWeight includes battery
CameraCMOS 0.27 Mega Pixel with 0.8mm o lens
Output JackStandard RCA connector
LightHigh luminescence LED
Power4 x AAA batteris (NOT INCLUDED)
Thickness2.6cm (1.02in)
Accessories5 sheets of disposable covers. Each seet includes 10 covers. Good for 50 uses total.
Ear-pick attachment
Focal Length10-20mm
ManualJapanese (but should be straight forward to use)
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MIHARU Home Care Camera (Oral Camera)
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