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Titanium Beer Cup (Natural)

A great cup with antibacterial properties and won't cause any allergies!

Cool features
  • Enjoy the intrinsic taste of your drink!
    Titanium does not rust, is odorless and has no taste so you won't have any unwanted contaminants interfering with the great flavor of your drink, nor will you experience that uncomfortable metalic taste upon contact with your tongue.
  • Aesthetically unique and pleasing iridescent color.
    No pigments are used. Instead the fantastic effect is acheived by controlling the properties of the surface titanium itself.
  • Antibacterial effects makes it safer and cleaner to use.
    The oxidized titanium coating on the surface acts as a catalyst to break down organic matter - including bacteria - when exposed to light, making it great for use by children or on activities like camping where hygene might be of concern.
  • Won't trigger allergies
    Titanium will not irritate or cause allergies like other metals.
  • Strong, light and durable
    Titanium is resistant to corrosion, light and extremely strong, having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Those properties make for a great product that lasts longer!
  • Dishwasher safe

How do you get those brilliant colors?
Titanium doesn't corrode like steel, but there is always a very thin film of oxidized matter on the surface. This oxide coating happens to have a very high refractive index, meaning that it has a strong tendency to bend light. In other words the layer acts almost like a prism that only permits light with specific wavelengths (ie. colors) to be reflected from the surface. Voila, the effect is that the surface 'appears' to have a certain color without the help of any pigment!

Selecting exactly which colors are reflected by this oxidized layer is extremely difficult. It can only be achieved by controlling the thickness of the surface film at the angstrom level and requires some hard-core technical expertese. (An angstrom is a billionth of a meter so you can surely appreciate the delicacy of the procedure here)

Horie does this using a process called Anodic Oxide Coating, where the target titanium object is dipped in water and then positively charged with electricity. This causes water molecules to break up into hydrogen and oxygen atoms causing an 'oxidation' on the surface.
The result? A brilliant iridescence that reflects various colors depending on the angle at which the light strikes. A product of true skill and ingenuity!

A word on the antibacterial properties of titanium
The anodic oxide coated titanium has an important ability to act as a photo catalyst. That is, when light hits the surface, the Titanium release energy and breaks down surrounding water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The resultant oxygen is quite harmful to many bacteria. This makes titanium cups great for use by children or for activities like camping where hygiene might be of concern.

Size10.5cm (4.1in)
Weight60 g (2.1 oz)
A Note On ColorThe color on Titanium items may appear slightly different from the photo depending on lighting conditions.
Thickness0.15cm (0.06in)
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Titanium Beer Cup  (Natural)
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