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Titanium Japanese Lacquer Tumbler by Rhus (Dusk)

A truly beautiful cup with traditional Japanese lacquer hand applied by master craftsmen.

Comes in a matching paulownia gift box, making this perfect gift item!

Japanese Lacquerware (or 'Shikki') refers to a broad range of fine arts that use the sap of the lacquer tree to create a deep black or red finish. One of the unique characteristics of Japanese lacquer is that it will mature with time, with its color and hue transforming with each year of use. Therefore, an aged lacquerwork will often appear richer and deeper.

Apart from its superior aesthetic qualities, Japanese lacquer has been used to protect objects such as steel kitchenware and battle armor from rust and decay. The roots of Japanese lacquer run deep, being used as early as 7000 BC. Since then its application has been refined over the ages to near perfection. For a lacquerwork to be classified as 'authentic' it requires layer apon layer of lacquer to be applied by hand. The process is painstaking and requires the experience of seasoned craftsmen who understand the properties of lacquer inside and out.

The Rhus series combines this traditional craft with the latest technology in titanium manufacturing to create an uprecedented kind of artwork. Titanium is resistant to corrosion, light and extremely strong, having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It won't cause allergies like nickel or chrome, and it is tastelss and odorless, meaning that it does not leave that charcteristic metal taste upon contact with your tongue. These properties make Titanium the ideal material for tableware. However, the downside of Titanium is that it is extremely hard hard to process and applying any sort of coating on it has also posed a technical difficulty. Rhus has, neverthelss, overcome these obstacles through years of independent research and experimentation, perfecting the fusion of lacquer and Titinium to bring to you a truly unique product!

Special Notes:
  • Since the lacquer and artwork on each item is hand-applied by craftsmen, individual pieces may appear slightly different from the above photo.
  • Because of the make-to-order nature of this product we can not accept any returns (except in the case of product defects apparent when received) even during the cooling-off period.
  • Japanese lacquer will last many lifetimes as long as it is handled with care. And it will serve as a protective coat for underlying materials. However the material itself is delicate like glass, and may be prone to chip or crack if dropped on a hard surface.

A Note On ColorThe color on Titanium items may appear slightly different from the photo depending on lighting conditions.
MaterialTitanium/Authentic Japanese Lacquer
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Titanium Japanese Lacquer Tumbler by Rhus  (Dusk)
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