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Clam Shell Stones - 雪 Snow -

Highest quality clam shell stones series
"Snow (YUKI) grade"

Snow Grade Stone has white shine luster and very fine elegant stripes, which is the characteristic of clamshells. Its exquisite shape is practical and at the same time very artistic, capturing the player's heart. (Approx. 10 % of total production)

Bonus: Highest quality black stones: Nachiguro slate
*Just select one size of white stones, and you can also get higest quality black stones (Nachigro slate), with its size best suited for white stones.

Number of pieces: 180+2: Clam shell (white stones)
181+2: Nachiguro (black stones)
*+number: spare stones

*Attention Please!
The price below is of size40(11.3mm). Please check and confirm the price after selecting the product into your cart.
Weight3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Size40(11.3mm) - 25(7.5mm)
SeriesSnow (YUKI) grade
MaterialMexican Clam Shell
AccessoriesCloth bags
Spare stones ( 2pieces each)
Gurantee certificate card
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Clam Shell Stones - 雪 Snow -
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