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RX-78-6 Madrock / RX-78-5 Gundam G05

First appeared as part of Kunio Okawara's MS Collection original design series as the 6th Gundam. The design was updated by Hajime Katoki for use as a boss character in the Playstation 2 game Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front. A hybrid of the Gundam and Guncannon, its most notable design feature is a pair of 300 mm cannons on its shoulders. . .refer to wikipedia

The RX-78 Gundam with many accessory and parts that can be added or removed at your discretion that allows you to build either the RX-78-5 Gundam G05 or the RX-78-6 Madrock.
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Size16.0cm (6.3in)
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RX-78-6 Madrock / RX-78-5 Gundam G05
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