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Super Gundam & Full Armor Gundam Mk-II

In order to increase the firepower and mobility of the Gundam Mk.II, Anaheim Electronics develops the G-Defenser support vehicle, which can dock with the mobile suit to form what's known as the Super Gundam. In this mode, the G-Defenser's armament units become movable shields to protect the mobile suit itself, and the Gundam can make use of the G-Defenser's powerful long rifle and missile pods. Thanks to this extra equipment, the Super Gundam can hold its own against any of the Titans' transformable mobile suits. . .refer to wikipedia

RX-178 Gundam Mk.II with the G-Defenser for added power to make it the Super Gundam. Modify with the included armour pieces to get Full Armor Gundam Mk.II. Lots of weapons and extra hands included. Designed by Katoki Hajime.
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Size16.0cm (6.3in)
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Super Gundam & Full Armor Gundam Mk-II
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