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1/8 Fist of the North Star Kenshiro &Steed 200X

Durable real-action figure in colossal 1/8 scale! Kenshiro's battle-hardened body physical prowess recreated using realistic joint mechanisms. This warrior and his powerful steed are trully a sight to see. The realistic movements on Kenshiro's seasoned horse are realized by a unique ratchet mechanism, enabling you freeze even the most dynamic action in place. The detail and quality of finish will surely satisfy the most demanding Kenshiro fanatic. We personally like the horses remaining right eye that holds such a fierce determined gaze. So damn cool. But the best feature is the revolving joints liberally used on Kenshiro's arms and legs. Kenshiro: 36 revolving joints Kokuohgoh (the steed): 30 joint mechanisms Size: 260mm x 390mm
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1/8 Fist of the North Star  Kenshiro &Steed 200X
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